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DescriptionAli6 S.r.l. stems from the desire to create a business entity dedicated to the translation of technological innovation developed by the group available for all products. ALI6 philosophy is to develop products for the rational use of energy, sustainable development and innovation for the improvement of the environment and life. The company serves operators in the industrial, agro-industrial and service sectors by proposing solutions and innovations to reduce consumption, improve the product and make it more "green." In particular, Ali6 has developed and is developing the production of: - HYREI: Hybrid energy system (renewable, storage and standard energy source), for off-grid, grid-tie or smart grid application every where; - Cogeneration and trigeneration from 35 to 200 kW, standard sizes, over 200 kW of demand; - Anaerobic digestion plants modular 50 kW; - Installations for the production of energy from biomass / biogas home winemaking (pomace, stems) biomass source oil (olive residues, waste water, waste pruning); other biomass (plant waste, dedicated crops, waste from dairy, cattle and pig slurry , manure, etc.).
Organization Type SMEs
Areas of Activities

Water technologies, space application to agriculture, environmental management

    Energy production, renewable energies

      Technological Offer

      HYREI / smart grid - energy

      HyREI is an integrated SMART GRID system, created to meet the energy requirements, partial or total, of industrial and domestic electricity users.
      HyREI is a highly flexible and modular installations suitable for off-grid or grid supported (using the electricity network).
      All components are monitored and managed by a suitable SCADA system, able to optimize the production and monitor the energy demand on the basis of user requirements.
      HyREI is adaptable to any source of renewable energy and non-modular and available in more variants (from a few kW up to complex customized solutions).

      Keywords: energyrenewable energiesgridelectricity
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