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Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo

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DescriptionEmployers' Association of the Confindustria System representing and supporting Italian companies with business interest in Africa and the Middle East
Organization Type Other
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing, food security, safety and quality control, food traceability, food conservation and shelf life

    Water technologies, space application to agriculture, environmental management

      Energy production, renewable energies

        Other sectors relevant to the thematic focus of the event

          Business Request

          Partnership; distributorship agreements; commercial cooperation

          Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo represents and supports the Italian Companies with business interests in African, Mediterranean and the Middle East countries.

          Established in 1980, Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo is the only intersectorial business Association of the Italian private sector dealing with a specific geographical area and a platform for Italian companies in the concerned area: our aim is to expand business contacts of Italian member companies in Africa, Mediterranean and Middle East.

          Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo gathers major industrial groups, top Italian Banks, medium and small-sized companies, perfectly mirroring the Italian industrial system. Operating within the network of Confindustria -the Italian leading employers’organization- Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo deals with 70 Countries of the concerned area.

          This peculiar composition helps foreign Companies to select their suitable partners in Italy and enables Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo to develop industrial and commercial synergies among its associated companies as well, to make their business a successful one.

          Cooperation Offered
          1. Technical co-operation
          2. Manufacturing agreement
          3. Sales / Distribution
          Cooperation Requested
          1. Sales / Distribution
          2. Other